teeth whitening

Professional Teeth Whitening Treatment Near Me, Beverly Hills CA

Your smile may gradually lose its sparkle regardless of how thorough your oral hygiene routine is. Although daily brushing and flossing as well as scheduling professional teeth cleanings can help prevent stains, age-related factors such as taking medications, smoking, drinking wine or tea can lead to yellow or brown teeth.

Tooth whitening provides a way to improve your teeth’s color and enhance your smile. You should discuss your desired outcome and current tooth shade with a dentist to design a personalized treatment plan.Professional teeth whitening is often the preferred method for many people, and it’s accomplished using hydrogen peroxide or a similar agent.

The treatment is performed by a dentist during the first appointment, and then under one’s supervision for subsequent treatments to ensure safety and effectiveness of the treatment.

The procedure involves:

  • Placing a rubber shield or some gel to protect your gums
  • Applying the bleaching agent on your teeth using some trays that fit snugly like a mouthguard
  • Leaving the trays on to activate the bleaching ingredient and break it down into oxygen that penetrates tooth enamel to change the shade of your teeth
  • A laser may be used to speed up the breakdown for faster results. This requires application of a higher concentration of the bleaching agent without using the trays, and then using laser technology to activate it. This improves the color of your teeth by 5-6 shades.

After your whitening treatment, the effects can last for longer if you practice proper oral hygiene. Please visit your dentist to learn more about teeth whitening options that may work for you.